What phono preamp are you using?

Anyone using a Soundsmith cartridge? And if so what phono preamp are you using? (Individuals with other cartridges feel free to chime in!)
Icon Audio PS1.2 MC with NOS Telefunken tubes - sounds great with the Tele tubes and Hana ML series cart @ 200 ohm load.  With the NOS Tele tubes (not new anymore) running $400 - $500 each now I thought I'd try a Hagerman Trumpet MC.  It's still burning in but starting to blossom.  I upgraded the power supply with SBooster and installed gold lion gold pin tubes.  The goal is to get this phono stage sounding as good or better than the icon audio/Telefunken combo and it's almost there.  I'm not sure why the IA/Tele/Hanna ML combo sounds so good but it does.  As we know...it's all about getting the right match of components that work well with each other and I just got lucky with that combo.  Another highly knowledgeable friend of mine recommended the Trumpet MC.  He's had his a while now and loves it.  It comes highly regarded as probably the best value in a phono stage right now.
I am UK based and this reflects in my equipment selection. Current TT is Rega Planar 8 with Rega Apheta 3 MC cartridge and Longdog Audio MC J3 phono stage. The MC J3 is interesting as it combines solid state and tubes. It's the best I have had to date, previous phono stages were from NVA & Tom Evans. I thought both were good but lacked the wow factor of the MC J3. I have a broken Rega Apheta 2 MC that I am going to get Peter to repair with a new cantilever and tip when he hopefully recovers from his latest C19 infection. Even though I have never heard a Soundsmith cartridge my gut feel is I am going to enjoy it. 
Soundsmith Paua used with musical fidelity nu-vista vinyl pre. It uses nuvistor tubes-Great combo
So after reading all these I’m looking at 4 phono stages now. Herron VTPH-2A,
Allnic h1202, Whest two.2, and the pathos in the groove (which was already on my list prior to this post) the first two would definitely be pushing the budget but if the customer service, build quality, and most importantly sonic performance is as good as everyone says they are I’m sure I could save up the extra funds. Thoughts on these 4 phono preamps?
thank you!