What phono preamp are you using?

Anyone using a Soundsmith cartridge? And if so what phono preamp are you using? (Individuals with other cartridges feel free to chime in!)
I recently had my Modwright PH 9.0 upgraded to a 9.0X and could not be happier. The unit is dead quiet. I'm currently using it with an Audio Technica AT-ART9XI and hoping to get my Soundsmith Paua Mk II back from rebuild one day. It paired well with the Modwright before it had an accident, but the Audio Technica cartridges are great match with it.
Main system uses a Koetsu Urushi/SME V/ VPI TNT V into a Vendetta SCP2D.

Second system uses a Lyra Clavis/SME V/ Sota Cosmos/ into a Conrad Johnson Premier 15

You can pay ridiculous money for a phono stage today, but if you look around there are some excellent older models out there.
EAT E Glo Petit powerd by S Booster BOTW Mk2 with VAS Nova .4 and EAT Jo No 8 carts
Audio Research PH-7 upgraded to the single rectifier power tube with a Lyra Kleos cart. Match made in heaven.