What Possessed Me to Do This?

We are working on "de-cluttering" our home to list it for sale in April, need to have my "man cave" painted first.  To prepare for the painters' arrival, am boxing up my audio system, moving the components to a "climate controlled" storage unit.  I got the lighter stuff boxed up without assistance.  My son helped me place my 110# power amp on the carpeted floor, flip it over to bolt it to the plywood for the base of the inner carton, eventually getting it boxed and double-boxed, taped up and ready to go.  One of my son's friends is coming over for dinner, to help box up a pair of 122# speakers and a pair of 133# sub woofers.

What possessed me to get equipment that weighs so much?
@birdfan, there is an audiophile cult leader who is pushing the idea of "low mass" components having inherently better sound than high mass ones. On the other hand you have Tim de Paravicini, designer of the EAR-Yoshino tube electronics (as well as those of Luxman, modern Quad, and Musical Fidelity), who says he can predict the bass quality of an amp by looking at it's transformers. Tim prefers high mass.
I'm all "boxed up" with my son and his friend's help.  I'll be taking my boxed up system to a local "climate controlled" storage unit, so the room is empty enough for the painters to come in and do their magic.

I'm confident that we'll have the house ready and "staged" to list it in early April.  Our agent says he thinks it'll sell quickly, two houses on my street sold in a few days, both above the listing price.

We'll be having the movers take our stuff down to a "climate controlled" storage place down in Asheville, NC, as our new house probably won't be ready until the end of the year.  A long time to go without my beloved audio system!
Asheville rocks! You'll find plenty of things to occupy your time there until your audio system is back up and running.
@ejr1953 ...*G*  Well....

Welcome to Asheville, although this greeting is a bit early.  Since you're moving here, I'll assume you're already somewhat familiar with the locale and the locals....

The fact that I'm one of 'them' shouldn't dismay you.  There's certainly no houses under construction (or even will be) now or ever near me. ;)

Relative safety in anonymity....*G*

Celebrate your new 'digs' @ Dish....*Yum*  (Make reservations)...

....and my back hurts looking @ your equipment pics...*L*
Catch some great live music at The Orange Peel and Jack of  The Wood tavern