What power cord do you like most on your amp ?

This does not necessarily mean that that's what you have, you might've tried it but couldn't afford at the time.
Of course, mention your amp too.

Every amp I've owned in the last 20 or so years I've made my own custom cord.

Because every house has it's own sound (electrically) I find that each house and component has their own relationship to each other. When I change out an amp it takes about a week or so and I'm designing a cord specifically for that unit. I also find (for people tuning their AC) that resetting their wall outlets per amp is a big deal along with the circuit panel.

If I may I'd like to give a free tweak out to folks. When you change out your cord you obviously have your amp turned off. While turned off loosen the shipping harness of your transformer, raise the transformer up slightly and set it back down. Your amp will sound more open and powerful. I recommend getting rid of the shipping harness altogether, but even re-setting the mechanics of the amp can be a pretty big deal.


My preference now are Acoustic Zen Gargantua II cables on my McIntosh MC2301 mono's. I have tried many PC's over the years and they are my favorites so far. I haven't tried every cable out there and I have never made my own. Before the AZ's I only used Wireworld cables, just about all of the ones in their line except for the Platinum ones.
I do not want to spend more than 1K$ on each power cables.

Sygnergistic Blue power cables are pretty good with good transparency and speed of transient at reasonable price.

I bought 6 of them at 3 for 2 offer last November.

 I had been happy with them after using 4 months.
I am surprised no-one mentioned Shunyata yet, these are popular power cords.