What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?

I’m considering a pair of Rel S510s to go with my Diablo 300 and B&W 802 D2’s. I’ve invested quite a bit in cabling: Audioquest Dragon for my amp, Hurricanes for my source equipment, and Nordost Valhalla 2 for my speaker wire. I can clearly hear the difference between a Hurricane and a Dragon cord when powering my amp. The Dragon puts space and air around vocals and instruments with front to back depth.

There is no way I can afford anything better than two 3m Hurricanes for the Rel S510’s but my question is, how much do power cords matter for subs? Sadly for my wallet, I’ve found that higher grade cords do make a considerable difference for all my other components, verified through blind tests. Not as much as speaker cables, but still a big difference.

I also have a Innuos network isolation switch and also an Innuos USB reclocker, to support my Innuos Zenith Mk 3 streamer.

Does power cord quality matter less with subs than with everything else?

For the record I’ve seen other threads on this subject, with what seems to be consensus that power cords don’t matter with subs, but I was hoping others who, like me, appreciate the difference a top tier power cord can make, can comment on whether there truly is no benefit to using one when it comes to subs. Has anyone compared a Hurricane grade (or better) cord with a stock cord, connected to a high end sub?



For me I ended up with 100% Audioquest, dragons for 2 high current cords and Hurricanes for everything else, except for speaker cables, where I went Nordost Valhalla 2. Based on this thread I’ll likely go Hurricane High Currents for the subs, which is not cheap…. Might see if I can wait and get a used pair.  Will need 3m lengths though.

.  Reminds me of a story I was telling about my farm saying it took four hours to drive from one end of it to the other a blowhard told me it took him three days to drive from one end of his farm to the other. I told him 50 years ago we had a gto as well.

For that frequency, power cables do not matter much.

For higher frequencies though, the lower inductance, the better.  Call the manufacturer before purchasing. They measure that. They will know what you are getting at.  But nobody publishes it. 


I thought the same thing about power cords on subs. I have only listened to different pc on my JL Audio F110 subs. I had nice 14 GA Puritan Classic Plus  cables but on each of the two subs. It did make an improvement over stock. It could be the gauge over the stock 16 ga wire. I bought some Straightwire Black Thunder pc for my  DAC and Preamp. I put them on the Subs to break them in. I noticed an immediate difference in the bass. It was more powerful than before. Also, It was cleaner and faster or more detailed especially keeping up with my front speakers. These are 10 ga equivalent wire from six strands. I think the strands make a difference over solid core. All that mattered to me was it sounded better. Lets say 25% better than before. I did turn the gain down to match the room again. Even after turning them down it sounds like the low bass is enveloped in the room. I cannot tell it’s coming from the subs even at high levels. After that I played around with other things on the subs like putting them on IKEA cutting boards which made things even better for $20 a sub. I left the Straightwire Black Thunder on the subs too good to take off. 

@nyev From REL

"In our experience your REL will perform best when using the stock power cord that is supplied with it, though you are welcome to experiment with aftermarket power cords. As long as the replacement one at minimum matches the spec of the stock cord (18 AWG wire, three prong including a ground prong) then it will not damage the subwoofer, and from there any potential performance improvements will be up to your ears to determine."