what preamp goes best with mccormack dna 500, follow up....

any thing new, any bodies updated experience with some of the newer tube preamp.  i know the article at the time said the vtl 5.5 sounded great with it.  but that was almost 20 years ago.  what about now. just curious thanks........


The DNA-500 is a pretty blank slate so really depends on what you have now and what improvements and sound characteristics you’re looking for.  Without that info this is a total crapshoot. 

soix,  what i have is


speaker alon IV'S (was also thinking of a more efficient model) 

preamp herron v1

cd nad 565cee

acoustic zen, wow II's

and signal cable everywhere else

more clarity, some info is being sacrificed for others, better sound stage, again i listen to everything, just want to know what is better.     





Good to see you posting again. I would consider a Conrad Johnson pre-amp.

Keep me posted.


Happy Listening!