What preamp to use?

I have a pair of Magnepan 3.6 speakers and VTL amps. My source is mostly CD from a Meridian. I'm looking for a really good preamp that won't cost a fortune. Anyone have the same problem?
For the money a mod squad is hard to beat.They have no noise at all and sound really clean.A good used audio research sp6,7,8 would also be a good choice.They are tube and sound excellant.I have a sp7 and I use it with my solid state amps.Very detailed and clean sounding. 89vett
Depends on what you mean by a fortune. The best deal around is the Adcom GFP-750 for $1250. If that is in your range, definately listen to it. If you want to spend less, take a look at the Creek stuff. Very basic equipment but does not interfere with the sound much.
The GFP is a good unit but your system deserves something better. I would recommend auditioning a Convergetn Audio Technologies SL-1; an Audio Research LS-25; or a Balance Audio Technology VK-5SE. Alternatively you could consider a used ARC Ref 1 or a used BAT VK-50SE. Good listening!!
Check out the Rogue 99 Its awesome!! $1995.00 new.Call Mario,owner of Toys From The Attic.He will give you a good deal.914-421-0069 tell him Dave sent you.The 99 is as good as anything twice the price.