What process do you use to purchase cables?

I’m in the process of updating my gear and thinking about what to do for updated cables. Every time I think about it, my head spins as there are so many different cable options & companies. I struggle to even start the process.

I don’t care if it’s speaker cables, interconnects or power cords – Just explain what you typically do to nail down your purchase.

FYI – my past “process” was to simply purchase whatever I found to be the most affordable options recommended by folks on this board. For that reason, I’m currently using Canare 4S11 speaker cables, Mogami Gold interconnects, and Pangea power cords.

Since I’m planning to push my component updates to significantly higher quality gear, I don’t want to fall short on the cable side. If you have a process, let’s hear it! Thanks

I'm surprised that no one has suggested dealer recommendations and loaners.  Many years ago, John Rutan at Audio Connections let me borrow some Kimber interconnects to try at home. I hope that this practice still exists!
Thanks Guys, this is a tough one.  Sure I can (and do) read a bunch. The problem is that everyone has their favorites and without first hand hearing experience you don't know if their ears, gear & room fit my ears, gear, and room.  

I'm most surprised by MC's statement about reading as being a better method than listening.  I've read an awful lot of his posts and that seems to go against his usual advice - that being to use your ears. 

I'll probably try the listening tests either through borrowing from my dealer (Probably won't work as they are pretty snobbish) or trying from the cable company. 

I'm still struggling with where to start.  I haven't set a budget in stone, but I'm unlikely to spend more than 1K on speaker cables.  Unfortunately that still leaves a ton of cables to evaluate.  

As for sound characteristics - that one is again difficult as I've not finalized my amp purchase.  It will probably be one of the Pass Labs class A amps, but I'm also looking at Boulder and Constellation (Which I'd prefer to Pass, but $$ is an issue and these things aren't easy to find on the used market).

Dart board isn't a bad idea either... Just put 20 or 30 choices on the board and throw the dart as to which one you try.  It could work?
You need to finalize your amp purchase first. Listen with present cables, determine what you don't like as to sound quality, purchase new cable based on that knowledge. Cables are final purchase when building system.