What room treatment or treatments...

are you using? I have a pair of ASC Tube Traps and a pair of ASC Shadowcasters. I'm thinking of trying out the Poweertraps, but it seems no one has exxperience with it. I'd also like comments from 'philes with a small room.
You need to go to Auralex.com. I am using in 13'x 15' room.

Bigger improvement than any component you will ever purchase.

I have a small room. Had Rives Audio do a "diy" design (wanted to build as many components as possible).

It includes:
Tuned resonators
Rigid 'glass (first reflection points & others)
RPG Diffractal
Ceiling diffracting grid (diy)

happy listening,
I'm using a number of DIY bass traps and absorbers based on a variety of Owens Corning 703/705 rigid fiberglass. I went DIY because I needed something that would exactly fit my needs, plus I wanted something that looked good in the room.

I currently have floor to ceiling bass traps in all four cornters, wall and ceiling absorbers at the first reflection points and I'm working on a couple of membrane-type bass traps and then a diffuser.

There's a lot of excellent information on the Room Acoustics forum (sponsored by Rives) over on AA plus Ethen Winers and Jon Risch's sites. If you have some basic woodworking/shop skills, you can get professional results and use all the extra money for more gear.

That seems like a lot of bass trapping.

Were you having resonance problems?
Bgrazman - Actually, it's really not all that much. Ethan seems to believe that it's almost impossible to overtrap low bass. Don't know yet if he's right or not, but I'm using this as a learning experience and playing around with different treatments. I'm got a decent size room that has some issues, including a specific peak that I might try to address with the membrane type traps.

I was thinking about having Rives do a Level 1 on my room as well-and may still-but decided to go this route first and see what I learned. There's a ton of available information (and opinions) out there, so there's lots to try. What I do know at this point is that room acoustics is a very big deal and my room and system is much improved with treatment.