what's a good Gan / Class D option under 3k? Nilai or Ncorex500?

I was on the VTV amplifier page and a bit overwhelmed by all the options

I like a fast energetic amp with lots of power

I want something that I can use as a tool to test a variety of different speakers in  2 channel application

The NcoreX500 modules appear to be just about right but then I noticed both VTV and Deercreek audio carry the Nilai modules which are apparently even better?

any suggestions/advice?




I haven’t loved Class D until I put GAN in my system (AGD Audion). Would love to compare with the Orchard audio. 

Under 3k$


Orchard audio starkrimson amp is a good option.

It sounds sharp and energetic.


You can join the tour for home audition.



Hifi Rose 180 or the newer smaller one they just came out with. 

I have the 180 in one of my secondary systems and it sounds good. Lots of connectivity options and even tone controls. 

I have an Orchard Audio Bosc 150W  setup as monoblocks in a single chassis. It was paired with a Chord 2Qute/Denafrips Ares DAC, an LTA MZ3 as a preamp and the synergy was excellent. The benefits of the LTA with the speed, clarity, and, detail of the GaN. I am actually going to sell it as I am going to try and consolidate into an integrated. It has been my favorite setup to date.