What's a Good Way to Buy Music Collections?

I want to grow my collection of music files and buying CD's one at a time and ripping them takes a long time. Does anyone know where I can simply buy thumb drives of lossless or hirez music files? Thanks


Here is an argument for streaming. Instead of having a limited set of CD’s or limited to hear what the radio plays (usually not very varied). Streaming opens up the world of recorded music. I tend to listen way more than in the past to my CD’s and old LP’s. Instead of the artists getting 0 money from me they now have a chance to get something.

Now if millions of people are like me, and I think that is the case. New found money should be going to these artists. The rates could be better but this is still relatively new.

The reason I want ripped files is because my Onkyo DP-X1A DAP can upsample stored files to DSD, and they sound incredible. It is a hirez dap and I can stream Quboz or Tidal MQA. The files stored on an SD card that I upsample to DSD sound noticeably better. See:

Try Bandcamp if your artists are available there since the artist gets a larger share of the profits on that website.

@kota1 Upsampling adds nothing to the sound quality of a CD  44.1/16 file - except bloat, that is.  The line...

"selectable Real-Time DSD Conversion converts MP3, WAV, and FLAC music files into DSD-quality audio" 

...is just absolute nonsense.