what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?

The first ones to come to mind are Whitney’s version of I Will Always Love You and Allen Stone’s Georgia On My Mind but I would love to hear other contributions as well! I feel like there are a lot of songs where a covered version gets more popular than the original and people end up not realizing that it is a cover (ex. i had a friend that genuinely believed the Jonas Brothers wrote Year 3000). so, what‘a a song that was written by one artist but (figuratively) owned by another?


Father of day, father of night-Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Port of Amsterdam-David Bowie

Hush-Billy Joe Royal (Deep Purple’s version nice too).

This is TOTAL HERESY, and I apologize to one of my favorite vocalists, but Linda Ronstadt's ARRANGEMENT of Smokey Robinson's "Ooo, Baby, Baby" is really good.

Her voice is spectacular, of course, and again, NOTHING against Mr. Robinson, who is one of the all-time greats, but her version is very smooth from beginning to end, and her voice is just the best...  Peter Asher produced hers, I think.

Anyway, you asked, so...