What's been playing on your turntable and what turntable is it ?

Thought I would throw it out there the see what music tastes  you all have . What was the last vinyl you played  and what TT was is played on . Was the vinyl an early pressing or remastered ? 
I listened to Pink Floyd Wish you were here ( CBS half speed )  on my clear audio concept wood MC
look forward to hearing your ? 


You want it Darker - Leonard Cohen - PBN Audio GrooveMaster Vintage Direct DP2 with Graham Phantom Supreme 2 carrying a Lyra Etna :-)


Good Listening

Robert Cray/ Strong Persuader on a Feickert Firebird with Reed 3p arm and Ortofon Windfeld cartridge. 
Sade,  Promise ,  Prior to that was Super Sessions > Kooper Bloomfield and Stills, and  first was NRPS . Thorens TD160 Grado Gold > restored/ Modified by Chris Thornton.
Good Rats " TASTY " ( Rat City Records, not Warner Brothers ), on my Amazon Grand Referenz/Moerch DP8/
AT 150MLX combo.

Rocking out !!