What's been your turntable ownership over the years?

Dual 1225
B&O RX with MMC5 cartridge
Denon DP-59L 
Rega Planar 3
Kenwood KD5070
Harman Kardon T45
Thorens TD-125 mk II w/Rega RB303 arm
Nothing at the moment, but I have had:

Philips Hifi International 212 with various cartridges. A bass-less wonder with good isolation.

Ariston RD-40 with SME 3009 Series II tonearm and various cartridges.
Same Ariston with Infinity Black Widow tonearm and various cartridges.
The Ariston was quite well isolated but bounced the whole time and was a complete pain to setup. It also suffered from significant rumble.

Rega Planar 2 - the early one after the switch to a straight arm. Good bass, not the best tracker in the world and zero isolation.

The best tracking cartridge I ever used was an Audio Technica AT150MLX (or it may have been its predecessor, it was a while ago) and the other one I really liked for its sound quality was an Ortofon MC20.

I kind of gave up on turntables when I discovered my dad's Yamaha PL200 sounded better than anything I had with the Ortofon MC20 mounted.

Recently I tried a Musical Fidelity Roundtable with the default AT 95E cartridge and also with a Denon DL-110 mounted. Awful floppy arm bearings, lots of rumble, no motor isolation. It went back. It did serve to make me a bit happier with digital playback though :) Yes, I know it was cheap... 

Dual 1219 in the 70's with a Shure V15 mk3 ...   went to CD about 1980? and never looked back.
Starting with my current turntable and working backwards:

Thorens TD160 Super w/Signet XK50 tonearm
Harmon & Kardon Rabco ST-7 Linear Tracking Turntable
Dual 1229
Magnavox Imperial Console
Steelman Portable
RCA 45 rpm changer
Generic 78 rpm turntable (used steel needles that broke frequently)

Started out in the 70s with a Pioneer PL-10, then when I got backinto analogue:

Systemdek IIX RB 300
Oracle Delphi 3  RB 300
Linn LP12  (yup RB 300)
Sota Cosmos  SME V

Still run the last two.

Denon DP-62L (my "workhorse" turntable - still using)

Cotter B1 with Fidelity Research arm

Win Labs SDC-10, FR-64FX arm, Marovskis MIT-1 cartridge, Cotter custom transformer for MIT-1 (still my top TT, but selling it soon)

B&O TX with MMC-1 (for when I'm lazy)