What's been your turntable ownership over the years?

Dual 1225
B&O RX with MMC5 cartridge
Denon DP-59L 
Rega Planar 3
Kenwood KD5070
Harman Kardon T45
Thorens TD-125 mk II w/Rega RB303 arm
Marantz auto return table 1974 - 1989, added a Linn basic arm in mid 80s - not that it made a dang difference. Seriously.

90s to 2005 endlessly tried to improve CDP sound and finally went back to LP/analogue in 2006, followed by the next struggle to make MC cartridge(s) sound, (early PS Audio phono pre was of little help), also later including SUT - finally surrenderd to various NOS  MM/MI cartridges.

2006-7 early type teardrop shape PROJECT TT with carbon fibre tonearm (not a quality product really). Implemented various 'improvements' - result?
Not noticeable. At all. 

2007- present SME 10, later upgraded arm from SME IV to SME V. Some improvement but not all together 'weltbewegend' (earth shattering?) 
Now CDP ML390S sounds as good as analogue, using Ortofon Cadenza Black and Fidelity Research SUT. 😏
Michélle 🇿🇦 

Rotel RM301-Empire Gold mm
Thorens 166MK11- Audio Technica mc
Oracle Delphi MK111, w/Origin Live  motor and power supply- Koetsu Rosewood mc
Got back into vinyl about a decade ago, and now am awash with turntables. Last count there were 13 in the house.

This is the chronological order of my daily players:
Technics SL-220
Thorens TD160
Dual 1009 SKII
Thorens TD145
Technics SL-D2
Mission 775LC (with Grace 707 arm)

Now happy with a Mission 775S with the Grace 707 arm on it.
First turntable was a Garrard back in the late 70s. I soon got rid of it for a music centre as I knew it must be rubbish. It just looked so retro and old fashioned.

Yes, I was an idiot, but I was a young idiot and had only 'common sense' to go on.

Later I brought a Rega 3. Great no fuss deck, but I increasingly became aware of the performance ceiling that no suspension mods or cartridge upgrades could do much about.

So I eventually moved to the highly worshipped Linn LP12 with the Ittok arm that many claimed was state of the art.

It was a definite upgrade, more scale more bandwidth, but eventually performance/setup inconsistencies and a growing awareness of that either  you love or hate Linn colouration, plus the arrival of first child and unavailability of certain releases on vinyl, all led me to temporarily ditch vinyl.

Nowadays I look forward to getting back into vinyl at some point. Probably via one of the Technics SL 1200 decks.

For me being an audiophile and vinyl enthusiast are inseparable.