What's happened to the used high end market recently?? Sales are tough....:0(

The heading says it all!! What do you guys think is the reason that the sales in the used high end market have gone soft??
Prices too high? Economy too slow?? Stock market too volatile?? Something else??

As a seller it is sad, as a buyer I have gotten some good deals!
So...anybody have a cheap Esoteric N-05 they want to sell?
elizabeth... I've used some real price examples and don't think the stuff I've tried to sell has been overpriced (not that you are implicating me).  If something has sold several times on eBay at $1900 I think I should be able to reasonably expect $1700 here - taking into consideration the potential problems with eBay sales and fees, etc.  That is a fair expectation in the tight knit audio loving community that we are - lol.  And conversely I'll gladly pay 50% for an item that is as new and is still current.   You don't (typically) get anywhere near that type of price from a dealer . 
I've been a member for many years and have sold and bought a decent amount of gear under this handle. That said and while I appreciate the polish that the publisher has made to the site, people and dealers who now see this as a new retail store have pushed prices to the point that it makes almost no sense to buy.

Always had a great experience, but the BS being pushed by sellers is getting foolish. Used gear is what it is...used. Babied, non smoking and pet free----who cares. Like these sellers never turned on their gear and cranked it or they live in a hermetically sealed ecosystem.

Sort of ruined the experience for me to the point that even looking bothers me. I love vinyl but guys, come on...none of these turntables are worth what people are asking. Speakers- right, only played at a whisper for 18 hours. 

Its cool with me if you think this is the new norm, but i'm not buy-in it, literally.

Too bad

Hello! You guys are leaving out Generation X. Boomers complaining about Millennial's LOL These are your children! Plenty of Audiophile Gen X's around but yes I've seen plenty of my friends (non-audiophiles) go from decent stereo's to sound bars & mp3's. I have collected all of their LP's since the early 90's since they gave up vinyl for cd's & cd's for mp3's. I've reached a certain point now that for me to move up I need to hit the used market.  

Price is definitely part of it. I see vintage speakers listed at higher speakers than they were listed/selling for back in 2008-2010. One one end there's been a lot of inflation, on the other end a lot of people don't believe in paying more for the same thing or something that's even more depreciated 10 years later.