What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report

I enjoy vinyl and digital (lately, with recent changes, vinyl actually sounds better than digital to me), BUT given what seems an overall preference for analog/vinyl on A'gon, I'm curious what the non-vinyl "1/2" is listening to. I tried to see if this was a previously posted question. Did not seem so.

This evening for me, it's Genesis (definitive edition remaster) "A Trick of the Tail".

Elton John "Honky Chateau" and Pieces of a Dream "Love's Silouette" both in multi-channel SACD DSD.  There is no way under the sun vinyl LPs can sound this magnificent. No way.  IMO the Compact Disc remains the greatest, most durable and affordable format for recorded music ever invented. I just purchased a digitally remastered version of the best of The Little River Band.  WOW outstanding.  It was remastered in the year 2000 but still fabulous.  Somewhere around 1996, the record companies began using vastly improved state of the art digital recording and processing equipment.  If you notice, CDs produced after that time or older ones remastered do sound a ton better than they did prior.  By now, they're at their absolute best sound ever.  
Great comments about digital.  The technology has certainly improved over the years.  Now, ripping CDs to storage and playing back via DAC has taken redbook audio quality up another notch for me.  Of course, as you allude to, the quality of the original recording itself remains the BIG variable that, if it wasn't done right, will trump even the best equipment.   

THANKS Ghosthouse for the excellent response.  Yes so much depends on the age of the CD and the quality of its mastering.  Appreciate it and happy new year !!
Hefty Digest - Prefuse 73 Mixtape

Justo Almario - Forever Friends

U2 - The Best of 1980 -1990 (The B-sides are excellent)