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Some of the values along with titles/artist here are surprising

These Are the Highest-Valued Vinyl Records of Our Century (luxandlush.com)

Maybe some you have a few?




28,500....that is QUITE an impressive vinyl collection!  It must be stunning to look at.  Out of curiosity, how many do you display at any given time and how many do you keep in storage?  Do you have them arranged alphabetically or by music genre -- or both -- and on an Excel spreadsheet or database of some kind?  


I thought keeping up with and storing 3,500 to 4,000 vinyl releases was a chore, but my Lord, you have more inventory than some Used Record Stores I've visited!  I hope you have them all documented and insured by a Personal Articles Policy -- separate from your Homeowner's Insurance Policy which provides VERY LIMITED coverage for collectibles.  


My best!

and 7,000 CDs and 7,000 78s.

I have a storage room adjacent to my custom built listening room which holds 18,500 LPs and 78s and the nearly all the CDs.  I have about 250 CDs in a rack in the corner of my listening room.  The LPs are arranged by genre, alphabetically.  2/3rds are on word perfect files by genre, LP, 78 and CD.  

The rest of the LPs are located in a storage shed (5,000) in two garage walls (2,000) and another 3,000+ in another storage off site (mostly opera & vocal-inherited of which I have 70% already, sometimes twice from another inherited collection).  

I do not have my records insured under my personal articles policy.  They wouldn't take it.  However, I do have all my audio equipment and furnishings above $250 (about $180,000) in it.  I do have a Nationwide Private Client HO5+ policy which is not the common policy HO3 and my agent said that my records would be covered.  After purchasing my home for $1,350,000 in 2019, my homeowner's insurance is now $2,450,000 plus a 200% bonus to replace/repair so $4,900,000.  That's so that the company could increase the premium (more than doubled).  My most precious recordings are in my house storage room.  

I've sold over 18,000 records in the past 30 years.  I have a rule, if I don't potentially want to hear a recording three times annually, out it goes.  

I could not replace my 78s or 1/3 of my CDs and LPs as they are rare or limited issues (500 to1000 each).  E.g. Marston, Romophone and Biddulph 1000 pressings with the Marston on a subscription basis.  750+ CDs on those three labels. 

Unintentionally some of my LPs are worth thousands.  It was a complete accident.

of the records on the list i’ve sold two OG kind of blues and a pristine OG of The Freewheelin (not the one with different tracks there are only 30 of - the updated one). i’ve had a fair number of records that are worth a good amount of money but almost none of them stay (or will stay) with me forever. as more and more great, previously lesser known stuff gets the quality reissue treatment, it just doesn’t make sense to me to hang on to OGs just because they’re rare. at the end of the day i just love music. i do enjoy having out-of-the-way records you can’t get easily but there’s some ego involved there - it ultimately has nothing to do with the love of music. & really, if some sweaty pale obsessive collector wants to give me $400 for an obscure 45 i can now re-buy for $20, who am i to say no?

I have this very pressing, paid somewhere between $15-20 years back

Dorothy Ashby – The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby (1970, Vinyl) - Discog

Probably play grade a+ with the minor scuffs on the cover. I guess that makes it discounted @$975.00?

Absolutely nuts value!