What's needed with my Macbook Pro to stream music like they do at HI-FI shows?

Ok, Everytime I read the show reports I always see the manufacturers using a MacBook Pro hooked-up to their system. No one uses dedicated streamers. So, my question is what Dacs, software, and cables (USB, optic, etc,) are they using. I have a krell amp and MartinLogan speakers. I am contemplating a ps audio dac with wireworld USB, and J. River software.
Any suggestions? All my music is ripped in Flac

The Sony is a proprietary server that only plays it's own file format. I won't go that route. The MackBook Pro is an excellent PC to use as a server/renderer. I have the PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC and find it to be an exceptional DAC. I would include an optimization program in the Mac to really help in SQ. A LPS is a big deal with CA. I'm to a point that is much better than I've ever heard with a CD player. Good luck.
Pretty simple to do, although there are several options.

I run a headless Mac Mini, USB out to a PS Audio DirectStream DAC. My main library is stored in an iTunes library on an external Firewire disc. (The USB goes into an Uptone Audio Regen first.)

iTunes is not the best way to play, though. You'd want something like JRiver, Amarra, or as in my case, PureMusic to actually take on the signal processing.

Another option that I employ is to run Roon, but I'd suggest getting the above to work first.  Roon seamlessly integrates Tidal (subscription needed) with your iTunes library.

Lots of information on various setups can be found here on Agon.
I am looking at the PS Audio Nuwave as well, but recently the new PS Audio Dac DIrect Stream Jr. Looks really interesting. Which program works best for sound quaility? Not familiar with LPS?