What's next after Clearaudio Concept ?

I have enjoyed my time with this TT. It was my foray into analog.

I am now ready for an upgrade and wanted your kind opinions on what I should look at next that would be significant upgrade.

I am hoping to get a new combination of transparency and richness of sound.

My budget is $3000 for the whole analog frontend. I would prefer an MC cartridge.

Rest of my system:
EAR 843P
Triode TRX-1 Pre-amp
Coincident Dragon Mk II
Vienna Acoustics Haydn

Thank you.
You have a really nice system. I would suggest you look at a used or Demo WTL Amadeus. That should set you back around $2K.
Then with your remaining funds, a cartridge that will mate well w/ your 834P.
Since you like the Clearaudio sound, I would look at the Clearaudio Wood or the Innovation Wood that has an upgrade path. Both will accommodate more than one arm too.