What's next after Luxman 550 AX/II with Harbeth C7

I recently bought and sold the Luxman (class A) 550 for my C7's. I won't waste all of your time with reasons, but let me sum it up with saying the pairing was good, but nothing special. I would go as far to say the Croft phono integrated I had prior engaged me a bit more. I'm now considering the Unison Unico integrated. I know this will sound odd, but the other integrated I'm considering is the Lab twelve integre. The latter cost $5K US, while the Unison is less than half the price of the all tube Lab twelve. No offense to anyone , but I'm not considering any all solid state units. The Unico is a hybrid, so I thought for the money, it would be worth trying. Just to avoid confusion, the Lab twelve actually used the numeral twelve, but it seems that audiogon flags my posts whenever I put in a number. So I spelled it out to avoid the aggravation. Life is hard enough (-: Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Cheers -Don


maybe try a linear tube audio zotl40 reference

lot of tube amp upside with few of the downsides

lovely sound, with a superb clarity and drive that works very well with harbeths in my experience

I paired my new  HARBETH 30.2Xd’s with a REGA OSIRIS integrated amp.

terrfic match that is well worth an audition, 

Thanks, my C7's are the ES3, not 40th or XD, so a bit laid back next to the newer XD's from what I understand. I have a friend who used a 22 watt amp ( I believe an Audio Note Jinro) with Harbeth, and had no issues. There are certainly some different opinions as to how much power is enough. Cayin also make a couple of tube amps that are well within my budget. The CS 55A  and 88T...the latter has more power, yet still uses only 4 output tubes. The 88T uses 6SN7's instead of 12 series input/pre tubes. Due to budget and the fact I may have a fair amount of short listening sessions, I'm going to stay away from 211/845 based amps. I'd like to keep the cost $5K US or less. I've heard great things about the LTA. 

I just looked at the measurements from What HiFi.

Those speakers need close rear wall support to have decent bass, and an overly lively room will accentuate the treble in comparison.

I suggest, if you haven’t, get them closer to the wall or use the absolutely fabulous tone controls in the Luxman.  The loudness control is also very very good.  Try those and see if you can avoid swapping out more gear.

The best amp I’ve heard with my Harbeth M30s is the Line Magnetic 845ia.  I have some other tube and SS amps here (all more powerful), with separate competent line stage, and still prefer the overall sound of the LM integrated.  I went to hear the Luxman 595 integrated with the Harbeths and on a whim listened to the LM (I’m generally not a tube guy) and preferred the LM.  Definitely worth an audition if you can !  Not sure how it would sound with the C7.