What's the best amp s for Lowther drivers?

Don't want to spend a fortune, don't need over 30 watts(could get buy w/ alot less, speakers are 102 db efficient). Want to have solid bottom end as far as my drivers go (about 40 hz). Help!!!! Thanks in advance, Mark
Hi Mark. Cool...you don't have to spend a fortune. There is no "best." All sorts of good ones. I am just starting to experiment myself with single drivers so i'm not the one to make final recomendations but www.mulhuish.org/audio/index.htm is one of the better single driver forums I have found and lots of experience there to bounce questions off. Don't seem to be to many lowther/single driver effeciency folk here but I may be mistaken.

I agree you do not need 30 watts. Less is more.
what Lowther driver do you have?

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DX-3 driver. I'd like to have enough dynamic headroom and I'd like the sound to be like music (as opposed to "warm" or whatever).
Go here:


Also check out the SET Asylum.

What you are also looking for is a very "quiet" amp (due to the stated efficiency of your speakers) and 3 watts per channel should be plenty of power.
The DX-3 can get a great sound with plenty of volume with 5 watts of tube. I would think 15 or more watts with SS would be great. What is the size of your room?
As Dekay said remember, more power is often more distortion and noise. Were talking .5mA and less being audible with effecient speakers. You want a fine quiet amp.

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