What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?

My favorite piece(s)  are  (and I still own them) the Martin Logan Ethos lousdpeakers and Soudsmith Paua cartridge.  As far as speakers go, electrostats are my favorite and will replace them with another set of electrostats.  I'm currently eyeing MUR Audio SP1's.  These two pieces make my rig sound great.  

The company/name may be so long-ago and forgotten I couldn't find it on google (or is my memory faulty?), but the Transistronics Integrated I had prior to my Kenwood KW40 was definitely the worst piece of equipment I ever had. It was my first step-up from the fine-sounding Heathkit mono amp preamp combo I got from my dad. Did I get it from my uncle? In any case, gritty, dirty, trebly. I was a happy kid when Dad sprung for that Kenwood after we heard it at the hi-fi show.

Being on the older side, I have a lot to choose from.

Like many who have owned the QUAD ESL, they are number one.

Then there is the unique Townshend Audio Rock Turntable, mine being the Elite/Mk.2 version. Mated to it is another keeper, the Zeta tonearm.

Staying with English companies (yes, Max Townshend was an Australian, but Townshend Audio was---and remains---based in England), there is the equally unique London (formally Decca) phono pickups. I bought my first Decca in 1973, before many of ya'll were born.

Already considered classics, my trio of Music Reference power amps (RM-9 MK.2, RM-10 Mk.2, RM-200 Mk.2) will remain in my music room until I die. Don't hold your breathe ;-) .

Amongst Magneplanar enthusiasts, the Tympani T-IVa remains a favorite. I don't currently have a room big enough for my pair to be properly situated, so they are sitting in their original shipping cartons, waiting for the opportunity to once again sing.


My Best-

When I was in grad school I built a Dynaco PAS3x and a Dynaco 70 over a weekend. All worked. I set it up with an AR turntable, Two AR3 speakers, and a Scott FM Tuner and it sounded great! I mean great. That was in 1967.

I used this set up, in different homes, for over 30 years. Never was I able to replicate the sound of that first room! I have since then used an array of "stuff" from

lots of very high end companies and never as good as the original Dynaco set up.

Today, I am stuck with intermittent internet radio and an array of gear that costs a fortune, but not as clear or musical as was the "Dynaco/AR" experience.

However, it has been a fun voyage. Met a lot of nice people! But the glow of the tubes at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I did have some favorites over the years. I had Boulder amps, Belles amps, McIntosh Amps, Quad amps- favorite were the Quad ESL 57s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Had most of them at the same time in different rooms.

I was so confused as to which sounded better! 

But nothing, nothing compared to the original "Dynaco/AR: set up!

Oh BTW, "Dynaco" was the least expensive, of all, I ever bought, and a kit as well! The Dynaco amp was $89.00 and the PAS 3x was $119.00, plus tax , of course.

Am I getting sad?