What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC original or V2?

So I currently have an Oppo BDP 93 and a Schiit Bifrost Multi DAC. I keep reading over and over that the Cambridge CXC transport is the best in its price range, but I’ve seen little about what DAC’s pair well with it. My preamp is an ARC, SP9 MKll, and my amps are Acoustat servo’s. I’m also not opposed to keeping the Oppo and trying a different DAC.

New, used. Price TBT.

Thanks all.

"What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC ?"

Only you can answer this question. To be fair, you may not like the sound of which DAC someone here may suggest. You`ll have to listen with your own ears.
I think the Cambridge is better than the Oppo.  Definitely warmer/smoother.
There is no such function as "pairing" a DAC to a transport. That's like "pairing" a turntable to a phono pre.
Sorry to disappoint you.
If you ever do see it, baloney.
Thanks elevick,

With me having a tube preamp and tube outputs on my amps, do you think it might end up being tooo warm? The Bifrost is pretty cold, so it seems to work well with my setup, but if I get a CXC, is there a DAC you’d suggest I try?

All the best.