What's the best Drive By Truckers disc ????

.....I have heard allot about this band, need some opinions on which disc to start with. Thanks

The general consensus is that 'Decoration Day' and 'Dirty South' are their best albums, although I think that "Brighter Than Creation's Dark" and the new one, "Go Go Boots," are just as good.

As a longtime fan, I would recommend starting with any of those four and going from there. Great band.
They are a great band and hard to go wrong with 'Decoration Day', 'Dirty South' or 'Brighter Than Creation's Dark'. 'Southern Rock Opera' is great as well. I would listen to samples on line as the mix of southern rock vs hard country varies by album. So, depends on your taste. I give the nod to Dirty South as my fave.
Agree for the most part with waltersalas, but, the southern rock opera should be first on the list then dirty south then decoration day. They play more songs live off of the southern rock opera...it is their classic album.
There are a ton of downloads available of live performances from them at archive.org