What's the best EL84 amp?

My speakers have loved the two I’ve tried, both vintage. I would love to spend some money and get a great EL84 amp. Any suggestions? Not interested in an integrated. 


Haven’t yet. I just got a 45 SET for them, replacing the Eico, and am swapping out different phono preamps to see how that sounds. The Eico at 14 watts was plenty powerful- it’s a fairly small 250 square foot space, with no carpet. Gets loud real fast. I bet the Rogue would sound great, but for this application it would blow the windows out. 2 high quality SET watts are great. The SET has volume pots- at 50 percent it’s as loud as I’d ever want to listen.

I don’t want to sell the Eico short- it’s really sweet. EL84 amps have treated me well.

+1 on the Leak Stereo 20. Had one in the mid 1990’s and used it to run a pair of 15 OHM Rogers LS3/5A’s. System was a Naim CDI, Nac 72/Hicap/ Nap 250. Used to alternate between the Nap 250 and Leak Stereo 20. The Stereo 20 really synergized nicely with the Naim gear and LS3/5A's. Great sounding little amplifier.

Bought it for $400US. Sold it a few years later for $400US. Wish I still had it.

I've had a music reference RM-10 mk 1 for many years and absolutely love it.  I'm currently using it in my second system but, in the past, tried it in the main system in place of my joule electra rites of passage to see how it would sound.  I liked it so much I kept it in place for many months before reinserting the rites.


I'm running a matched quad of sovteks in it.  


Mine is super stable and quiet.  It has a magical addictive quality to it.  I believe the reasons there are so few for sale is there aren't very many of them, and everyone who has one simply doesn't want to let it go. 

I'll be interested in hearing your impressions dhcod.