What's the best non-DAC streamer?

I've already got a great DAC (an Yggy) but have never auditioned any streamers.  The rest of my system is all Schiit Audio with the 400W monoblocks and Tekton speakers.  Have just been using an iPad as a streaming source for Tidal and Spotify.
What streamer under $3k would give me the most bang for the buck?
+1 for Innuos. I have the mini and runs Tidal and Roon on it. Very satisfied. 
Haven’t tried most of the suggested items but I own an Yggy and used it primarily for the last 2 years with an Aurender N100H, I was satisfied until I tried it with a DCS network bridge with the AES connexion...
I was floored... Never heard the Yggy before... so much so that I decided to buy buy a DCS Bartok and move my Yggy to a secondary system, sold the Aurender and bought a Melco streamer, N1AH2/EX,  significant improvement over the Aurender IMO although not as  good as the DCS network bridge, but it fits your budget and deserves an audition.
 If you don’t have the new USB card from Schitt already go ahead and buy it it is a major improvement over the old one...

Now you have some good brands to consider.
But first you need to determine which features
really matter. Roon ready makes sense for ease
of use, finding new music. Do you want Tidal, Qobuz?
-no one mentions Amazon as it is apparently somewhat
inferior currently but I think that will change.