What's the best speaker polisher/cleaner


I need some advice as to what is the best speaker polisher/cleaner for High Gloss Black Lacquar finish?..

Could I get some recommendation from you guys.
If your speakers are new, a microfiber towel works great in keeping them looking new. Picks up everything without scratching and really put on a natural shine. ***At least for my speakers!! (which is walnut wood veneer) which, years later, look like they came right out of the crate ...as a disclaimer, I cannot say for certain that it will not harm or work for yours. Every type of wood polish/cleaner will leave some residue which leaves smears that can be seen in direct light. In addtion, I use these towels on my prized (black) auto without ever having marked the clearcoat in any way. You can get these at any auto detailing store...use the highest quality (smallest "hooks") they sell. You'll be surprised - they really work great. I get mine here: http://www.topoftheline.com/micmirtow.html
I agree with Gs5556. In my case, I use a different material. It's a cloth made by 3M that works by the principles of statics. It will pickup the dust, but will not damage the surface. For more info, go to the Martin Logan website(They're selling it there). You can actually order this from stores(mostly paper or office supplies stores)that carries the 3M brands.
guitar polish. for black my favorite is gibson. it really brings out the deep hughs. guitar polishes are usually the safest because they don't leave a film like standard furniture polishes.
Hrley Davidson makes a product called Harley Gloss "Quick Detailer" No abrasives. Goes on easy wipes off easy and SHINES!!!!!!!!