What's the cost of an entry level vinyl setup?

I'm just curious how much it would cost to get the equipment required to make vinyl worth listening to. I know players are available for cheap, but would anticipate the sound quality to be the same.

What would be your recommendation to go with a system worth about $5,000 in total? Is there a significant advantage to vinyl at this level? I've heard vinyl on high enough equipment to know that at it's best it's better than digital, but am not sure what it would cost for the average joe to get a quality sound.
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This is what Entry Level means to me:
Vintage Harman Kardon T-60 turntable = $200-$300
Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable - used from $300
Grado/Sumiko/AudioTechnica/other cartridge = $120-$300
Phono pre-amp - many choices - start around $100-$200
Amp/tuner - many choices, depends in part on your speakers.
Speakers - depends on your music, your room, very good vintage speakers can be found around $400.

You know that the sky is the limit on all of this, but this sort of entry level gear can still make your vinyl sound great, or at least VERY enjoyable. Your TT/Cartridge/PreAmp combo probably have the most to say about the audio quality you get.

see: http://vintage-audio-gear.com/vintage-preamps

woops, not for confusedin uall. op said was "phishing" and im just havn fun.

only meant to imply to op there is more "cost" to owning lp playback than cost of actual deck and cartridge. i.e cleaning supplies/knowlege how to clean properly/machine or how then to clean/ricepapers or what/setting up table..level..and cartridge/loading phonostage properly/getting up every 15 mins if lucky to change sides etc/clening/always cleanin...etc...

also and more than important is ok no value or relations to music making qualities of deck and cartridge relative to costs of deck or cartridge or an audio system. ALl that matters is how anything makes music to whoever is personally enjoying. the only opinion that should have any consideration is YOURS, and even then, its only ever worth anything to YOU alone. and whats that worth?

me i prefer my vinyl getup and dance to my cdp everytime.

obviously, it goes to eleven.

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