What's the deal with the Machina Dynamica Clock?

Just my uninformed and untested opinion, and maybe I am wrong, but this Clever Little Clock sounds more like a Clever Little CROCK to me. Any true believers are welcome to enlighten me, but don't expect me to whip out the credit card just yet. Don't mean to "tick" anyone off. Note: sarcastic skeptical scoffers are also very welcome to post to this thread. :)
thats great geoff but how's about some kind of explaination as to how it works,as with the last thread about this clock you say alot without saying anything at all , contrary to your post in the last thread there is not lots of information on your web site regarding the clever little clock only testamony from happy customers, several times now you have come to the threads to defend this product & never offer anything except a sales pitch .

im not trying to bust your balls over this product it may or may not work great & i have not tried it but i am a heavy spender in this hobby & the questions i pose are legit.

i hope agon lets my post go thru as you are an active participant in this thread & you have gave your product another plug in the forums without offering any explaination as to how it works.

Bigjoe, hello - I appreciate your curiosity regarding Mr. Clock. While I hate being mysterious or a tease as much as the next guy, I am deferring any explanation of the clock until sometime in the future. I have learned with Mr. Chip that explanations can sometimes bog things down, so to speak, rather than help anyone. For time being, I prefer to rely on my customers' descriptions of their experiences w/ Mr. Clock.

i have never been to any high end shops or peeps home and seen ,a device like this.I would think if you spend money,on good stuff,pre, amps speakers, interconnects,ect.you wouldnt need a 100.00 clock in the room. but if you will buy a jar of rocks ,you will buy anything..i wonder if the clock will improve tara labs,,,omega speaker wires for 10,000.00, or wilson watt,speaker system.has any one done research to see what the timex clock would cost in walmart and what model number it is...
Music is an emotional thing. We listen to it because it inspires, sooths, excites and allows us to wonder. The only way this little clock can do what it's maker says is that after spending $99 on a $5 walmart clock I would guess that the buyers emotions are inspired, soothed and left wondering.

But perhaps I am wrong and this is the single item that defy's all laws of physics and electricity.

Now a better question. Where can one buy sand for thier component rack that is harmonically tuned to thier systems individual resonances.
This clock is a crock. The clock is merely a cheap knockoff of nathanm's Sonic Rock. He's selling these at Audiocircle for only 50 bucks. They work because they do work! Whatever you believe to improve does! He doesn't make any wild claims nor does he try to babble with b.s. This is a very real technology based on faith.