What's the farthest you've traveled for live music

I have only traveled 6 hours for live music, although my wife has seen 124 Grateful Dead shows, so she has me beat big time. I'm not talking about seeing live music because you happened upon a live venue while traveling for work or vacation. I'm talking about finding out one of your favs is playing in L.A., and it's the closest they're playing to your home. You live in let's say Dallas. (I personally live in Rochester N.Y.). You take time off work and board a plane or hunker down for a nasty car ride.
The prices are slightly more than obscene as time progresses. Don't mean to
be a whining old coot but, when you've payed $6.50 a ticket to see Zeppelin
or $5.50 (a ticket and zero service charge) to see Pink Floyd back in the day...
paying $1153.00 (retail) plus almost $25.00 in service fees for of pair of riser
tickets to see The Black Eyed Pees in a basketball stadium is approaching
ridiculous. Yah, the band is excellent and Fergie is smok'in when she
throughs down, but geeeeez! And in a word "no", I'll pass this one

Happy Listening!
Horseface. I also saw The Who in '83 in Buffalo. John Cougar and The Clash were the opening acts. I can't remember but would imagine that show cost $15. I know that most of the shows I saw in the early 80's ran from $7 to maybe $9 at most.
I like the smaller venues now. I saw David Byrne this past summer with a crowd of about 4000 and it was great. I also saw The Cranberries a couple of months ago with the same sized crowd and it was great.
I can get to Montreal in about 6 hours and the Montreal Jazz Festival is a killer, with acts from around the world. Canada's a great place for stuff like that because the Canadians don't get hammered and make fools of themselves as seems to be so common in our country. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it's their publicly funded healthcare?
Drove from Boston to Denver to see the Grateful Dead at Red Rocks in 1982. More recently drove from New Hampshire to NYC, once to see Cream in 2005 then to see King Crimson in 2008. Also drove to Ridgefield,CT from NH to see the Allan Holdsworth Trio at the playhouse a couple of years ago.. I once hitch-hiked from Boulder,CO to Austin,TX in one day to catch the Grateful Dead though I was only able to make it there as the show was emptying out and catch a ride to their next show over in Northern California at Grass Valley.
I've traveled from USA to finland, just to watch a nightwish live concert...crazy right?