What's the funniest song you ever heard?

This isn't misunderstood lyrics, but the actual lyrics that were funny. There have been artists who made a living writing humorous stuff like Spike Jones, or Ray Stevens to name a few, but the funniest song I have ever heard might have been "Pretty Smart on My Part" by Phil Ochs.

What's tickled your funnybone?
Maybe not the funniest, but "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" is definitely in the weird department.

Did some research - looks like Cross wrote it, but the only performance I've heard is Bowers'. I'll have to see if Cross actually sang it, too, and see if I can (legally) download it! :)
He did, indeed! It's on several of his compilation albums from numerous live recordings but (I believe) was first recorded on the album called "Live and Kickin'".

As far as downloading goes, 5 of his funniest songs can be downloaded here:


This isn't the best version of the Scotsman out there, but you get the idea. Check out Elma Turl and Appalachian Rap as well for an even bigger laugh. Have fun!
Frank Zappa - "Bobby Brown Goes Down". Actually all of Sheik Yerbouti is hilarious, and I must've listened to that one 100 times...