What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?

Just wondering.


Wisdom Audio M75's 750 pounds and line stage over 7' tall. Also, Talon Khorus X's 400 total, their Roc2002 sub 150.

One-off Super Big Reds, tri-amped with a one-off electronic crossover, and one-off passive eq units between the Marantz and horns.


Uses two Marantz 170DCs for the four woofers and a Marantz 1180DC for the preamp and horn amp. Cabinets are solid oak with 15.5 cu ft exterior volume. I got these from a recording studio that went out of business.


A meeting of the JBL/Lansing group was held here and everyone agreed these were the best sounding 604s (604E2s) anyone had ever heard.


Dali Megaline was tallest at 92”  and was my previous speaker

Current Focal Grande EM is heaviest at 574 pounds



My largest stand 5' 10" and weigh 410 lbs. each.  You do not want them to tip over on you!


Some of us did. 😄

“When I started the thread, I assumed that everyone would name the brand and model of the speakers, not just the height and weight. I think that makes it much more interesting.”