What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?

Just wondering.


Back in the'90 I bought a pair of Klipschorns which were 5 feet tall and 180 lbs!  I have since downsized to a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls which are four feet tall and weigh only 100lbs!

LaScallas.  Tallest….stacked Large Advents…probably close in weight to one Klipsch


Re Alsyvox Botticelli -vs- Rockport Altair.  The Alsyvox is in another league imo. - But they appeal more to my taste in presentation..

( we were a Rockport dealer for several years and they are amazing, we are now a dealer for Alsyvox and Verity).

NHT 3.3’s.  I think they were 120 lbs ea.  Interesting speaker.  I loved Ken Kantor, but cursed his name every time I moved.  Emailed him once to tell him.  

That (sexist) WAF was no joke.  The 3.3 had a very low WAF.  “Those would look great in the basement”.  Everybody is happier now that I have smaller and slightly less heavy speakers.