What's the oddest thing in your music collection?

For me, it's a CD titled "Kashmir: The Symphonic Led Zeppelin".

Yes, it's Led Zeppelin songs played by The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

It's actually quite interesting, to me anyways. For a review and sampling the music, see:

So, what's the oddballs in your collections?



A 4 disc survey of Hungarian popular music from the 70s. One picture disc of the Hungarian Imperial Eagle on one side and a view of Buda from Pest on the other, and three disc that are the three colors of the Hungarian flag: white, red and green. 
Don't see many white lps!

Favorite song? It's a toss up between "Learn to dissemble, sonny" and "I was disappointed in everyone".

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A very early Joan Baez album 'Joab Baez in San Francisco' where she does pop songs and Belafonte folky songs. She even does a version of "young Blood' in a deep, semi-male voice.

The Baroque Beatles Book, Beatles tunes made to sound like real baroque music except for the opera piece where the voices and words sound corny.

Various P D Q Bach albums where Richard Schikele discovers the only forgotten son of Johann Bach who should have remained forgotten. The music titles make bad puns of Baroque pieces and the music is corny and brilliantly hilarious.