What's the oddest thing in your music collection?

For me, it's a CD titled "Kashmir: The Symphonic Led Zeppelin".

Yes, it's Led Zeppelin songs played by The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

It's actually quite interesting, to me anyways. For a review and sampling the music, see:

So, what's the oddballs in your collections?



A private issue LP of a Friar's (or Masquers') club stag dinner For Harry Joe Brown. A roast of the film director by his friends George Jessel, George Burns, Jack Benny, and Art Linkletter. Very Funny and raunchy for it's time (definitely the only time I have heard George Burns talk about contracting "Cupid's Eczema" and drop the F-bomb). And imagine Art Linkletter dropping another F bomb. I believe it was recorded in 1950. 33 rpm. A reel to reel was smuggled out, as they had a very strict secrecy policy. NO RECORDINGS ALLOWED!


I enjoy collecting funny, unique, and weird covers. Here's one just in time for