What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?

This site is here for the buying and selling of Audio equipment. This causes me to wonder if most of us have relatively new equipment. If most of it is new, what is the oldest piece of equipment still in use, and why are you still using it?

My oldest piece is a Sota Star Sapphire, but it has been upgraded. It was originally purchased as a Sapphire in the 80's, but was upgraded to a Star Sapphire about two or three years ago.

What's your story?
Fisher 800-B receiver (1961), currently in use as my system's tuner while I contemplate using it as the center of a modest bedroom system. I received this pristine unit from my dad who no longer had use for it. IMHO, a beautifully made piece of tube gear with some wonderful history about it, see http://antiqueradio.org/fish02.htm.
Thorens TD150 MkII turntable, NAD 3020 integr.amp, Infinity Modulus bkshelf spkrs (orig's from 1990).

The former two still charm for their no-nonsense design. The overall quality of the latter is still surprising. These are like old faithful dogs that one just keeps about the house: not fancy; in their time well-bred; and now just very familiar.
Hmmmm, it's all pretty new stuff in my rig. The oldest would be the Conrad amp--late 90's vintage!

I had an '84 AR Turntable/Linn Basik but sold it (I miss it!) and I have an early 70's Pioneer quadrophonic 1/4" reel but it could use a litte TLC...it's not in my rig, that's for sure.