What's the oldest piece of gear in your system?

This site is here for the buying and selling of Audio equipment. This causes me to wonder if most of us have relatively new equipment. If most of it is new, what is the oldest piece of equipment still in use, and why are you still using it?

My oldest piece is a Sota Star Sapphire, but it has been upgraded. It was originally purchased as a Sapphire in the 80's, but was upgraded to a Star Sapphire about two or three years ago.

What's your story?
A mid 70's Technics SL-1300 automatic turntable. I am just to lazy. I also have an early 1980's Technics SL-10 Linear Tracking Automatic turntable with Technics 310 MC cartridge. A truly unique device.
Tho I don't use them at present, a first generation Koetsu and a battery powered, perhaps the grandaddy of battery powered phono step up devices, Marcof PPA-1.
Luxman L-5 integrated (1975?). It's the first piece of audiophile quality equipment I ever purchased. Built many a great system around it - always flawless. Then marriage, work, moving, kids and 15+ years boxed up in the garage. Now I use it to power my rear speakers in an all audio stereo first quad capable setup.

Works every day and sounds good. Still, I kind of wish it would die so I can justify buying something new. On second thought, in this economy, let it play, let it play, let it play :)
Oldest pieces are a match set of mono block tube amps built in feb 1963. Have upgraded them over the last 8 years. Next is a 1986 AI modulus 2a. Newest item, a 2003 Philips 963 bought for $25 and repair/modded. Had an old fisher system turner/pre with a el84 amp years ago, along came a dynakit system in the early 70's.