What's the scoop on the old Jensen Corp "Advent" speaker by H. Kloss?

I have recently come into a pair of these grand old speakers that feature the 'fried egg' orange tweeters that were once a big hit.  They also have a switch to change power or drive attached to each one.  I would like to know everything about these before I tear them apart to reuse the cabinets.  

Any and all information will be appreciated.
Harry Pearson used stacked Advents (2pairs) and LOVED them.  I would restore them, not gut them. 
Agree with stereo5, restore them, and that done properly should sound much better than just reusing the cabinets. Also, restoring will increase their value.

Thanks fall for the links and the advice.  I have not been able to find any of the technical data on the original exept a 2800Hrz crossover.  I do not know what this switch on the back is intended to do.  I am not the best one for this task but would consider a full retoration if I knew what I was looking at.  Thanks again and, , Any help there?