What's up with ads for $70,000 speakers selling

for $5,500? Martin Coltrane for $5,500, Wilson Max ll for $6,500 two days ago. The sellers are from Europe with zero feedback. This is becoming the norm and I am disappointed with this trend of dishonest sellers permeating this site.
There's an old saying "if it its to good to be true it usually is"

If I see one I normally report it to the Audiogon folks, they are usually pretty good in following up on these fraud alerts

Good listening

Hi at this moment I'm in Nigeria and can't access my accont in Landan. Can you WU me $6000 and I'll send ya speekas once I combak?
I noticed the same thing, and started a thread regarding this, but Audiogon wouldn't post it. I do think that this used to be a smaller, tight knit community then it is now. These kinds of bogus ads were found on eBay, but never here. Unfortunately, it's now a case of buyer beware.
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I saw that Coltrane ad myself and wondered what is going on nowadays. I also agree that half a single line repeatetion of the product name, with "New Condition" as the only descriptor immediately raises suspician. I hope that the Gon can deal with this emerging trend.
It is somewhat odd that so many scammers have invaded this site at around the time it changed it's formatting. Is there a potential reason that the scammers came aboard with the new site, or is it just coincidental. I have heard that this site was bought by another entity but haven't seen that verified or discussed here. I may have to ask or search elswhere, if this administration doesn't want that discussed.