What's up with AudiogoN?

AudiogoN is one of my favorite web sites. I have been a moderately active buyer and seller, and have learned a great deal from the forums. Recently, it has become "clunky". Slow or no downloading. Click on an item and get a blank page. I'm sure others must be having this problem.

Is someone from AudiogoN listening?

Culprit found. I use current Safari version. Have Firefox as well. Problem was Kaspersky Internet Security which I use only for an occasional scan. It's part of start-up and sometimes I forget to turn it off.
No problems here and look at it everyday from new listings to ending auctions . Older PC windows XP . Now about the hum in my TT that is a problem I am having and can't fix.
This company is terrible.  You cannot reach them.  I used to be a frequent buyer and seller but not for some time.  Now I want to sell stuff and they want a credit card to sell.  All mine have expired so I tried to enter a new one and it refused to accept what is a perfectly good card.  Didn't refuse just kept bouncing on the screen. What does that bouncing mean?   I tried to call them but the first number that was listed (and several the same) went to some guy's voice mail - not Audiogon.  I finally found a different number and after a couple of rings it said that the mailbox was full.  Man, these guys have gotten terrible.  An incredible pain to deal with.  Once a good company but not anymore.
If you continue to have problems, send me an email to support@audiogon.com, Attn: Tammy