What's up with lousy bass on classic rock recordings?

Few examples: ACDC Back In Black, Van Halen 1, Boston (1), WHO's Next, Def Leopard Pyromania. 

The low end is almost non-existent. Digital and vinyl. 

It's not my system, I listen to a lot of jazz, other classics like Janis Ian Breaking Silence - bass is rich, full, has slam when appropriate.

Compression? Or were the low frequencies never there? Pretty disappointing. 


@erik_squires good point, never had a boom box, but I did have JBL 6x9's with an Alpine head and amp in the trunk - that was fun


I have been frustrated by the same thing, but of course there is nothing you can do to fix it. Unless someone can get hold of the analog tapes and remix everything.


Responding to VH1, Boston, Who’s Next.

I have those 3 on original pressings and they’re fantastic.

These are LP only listening albums.

VH1 was produced by Ted Templeman who is behind many classic albums.

Boston debut was overseen by Tom Sholz who was an SQ fanatic

Who’s Next-Glyn Johns also has done just about  everyone who’s anyone during the R&R heyday.