Just discovered that Marantz only offers black colored equipment in the US. (North America)
What happened to the classic champagne color?

Was going to buy the new reference 10 SACD player.   For apx $7K you would think that they would offer more options than black!

No sale.
Ha!  I have heard that before, if I get the time, I will call them.
Anyway,  I am now in subwoofer hunt mode.   Or phono stage mode.....
i get distracted......
There is not Champagne Marantz on Audio Advisor. That was an incorrect information they printed in their catalog.

Anyone actually compared Marantz SA-10 to their older ref. players like SA7S1, SA-1 or CD-7 ?

P.S. Personally I don`t like the SA-11 look of SA-10. Seems the newer, the more options, bur lesser quality.
Look at Esoteric much better player with better build quality and transport.