Just discovered that Marantz only offers black colored equipment in the US. (North America)
What happened to the classic champagne color?

Was going to buy the new reference 10 SACD player.   For apx $7K you would think that they would offer more options than black!

No sale.
Look at Esoteric much better player with better build quality and transport.

Esoteric certainly do look good, and have excellent build quality and transports. Unfortunately, they do not sound as good as Marantz. Of course, YMMV.

I'm not trying to start a war, but Esoteric and Marantz sound VERY different. Chances are if you like the sound of one, you will not like the sound of the other.

Esoteric is for yuppies judgin' performance on how gud it luks.

It definitely looks stunning and shiny.

Shine on...


Absolutely agree!
I had several Esoteric players/combos over the years. Yep, the transport work is probably the best available (at least theoretically), but they`re missing something.... The output of all I A/B compared will clearly fail compared to my Marantz SA-1 or SA7S1.

P.S. Nope, Esoteric is not clinical or too hot on top. SA-1 Actually sounds much cleaner, without being boring and non dynamic as most Esoteric digital gear is.

Just my 2c.