What's up with Theta's Gen. 8 D/A ?

Spoke to Theta's administrative office today, inquiring about the cost for upgrading my Gen.5a to the new Gen.8. They told me that the upgrade cost has not been determined yet and that I should contact them again in two months. I also asked what the retail price of the Gen.8 was, and was told that a retail price has not been set. I was previously informed by Theta that upgrades would begin in January, 2002. Any insight on this?
This is quite typical of Theta. Just look at Casablanca II, it was first announced in Jan 2000, it was not priced until Oct 2000, and my dealer did not receive a demo unit for at least another eight months. On the positive side, Theta really takes time to get their products right and the result of that kind of perfectionism is extraordinary products. Be patient.
Trouble is, with the fast moving nature of Digital technology, by the time they introduce it it's obsolete!
I was also told by Theta that pricing will start at 8,000. Have you seen the front??? Kinda looks like it could be made into a transport/dac/preamp later.
Well, I saw another press release for the Generation 8 DAC.
Anyone know if this is really coming or not?