What’s wrong with Diana Krall?

Just wondering if anybody else saw Diana Krall on tour this past summer. I had been a very big fan and had previously seen her live years ago in San Francisco and Tampa/St. Pete. My recollection was that she was amazing in concert...she played flawlessly, she was engaging, and her ensemble was very tight. However, I took my wife to see her this past June in Memphis...man what a disappointment. First, they were 20 minutes late hitting the stage. Diana seemed like she was under some chemical influence...she mumbled her requisite bon mots to no one in particular, forgot lyrics to some songs (!), and basically took most of the night off, letting her bandmates do an extended jam session with lengthy solos on every song! Looking at customer reviews from her performances at other venues, this had apparently been going on for quite some time. Her whole set, including a halfhearted encore, was only about an hour. God, I hope she is ok and pulls herself together...what a terrible waste if she can’t.
Garebear...which point? The one where I said I hate bad live shows? The Russell Malone guitar pick thing? Brian Wilson and Dylan are different people? I get that my ultra cerebral and detailed posts can provide comprehension challenges for some, and since I’m somewhat sympathetic to your plight, I’m here to help you wade through the details.

Krall’s CDs are not "doctored" and generally she sings fine. She also acknowledges her chops aren’t as speedy as others, but her taste and sense of what works remains at a very high level. I can get Tommy LiPuma's phone number for anybody who wants to discuss these things with a producer. Just don't call him during nap time.
I think it is strange when people say things like someone is a "joke as a singer". Or this or that band "is not a good band". Certainly such things might apply to some garage band or youtube wannabe but these statements are often made about people who have sold millions of albums to reasonably discriminating fans who enjoy their work.

Its music and much of music is subjective.

So it seems like saying that one doesn't like a musician and giving a reason would be more useful than simply saying they are a joke. Anyone could say that about anyone.
@Garebear - Tommy might not be  answering  any phone calls for a while; HE'S DEAD! 
Saw her live two years ago and she was wonderful. Solid piano player with a nice voice that is easy to listen to and relax. . She is very talented