What's your definition of an audiophile?

Our love of audio is really basic biology with the brains dopamine reward system. The more we get pleasure with something the more we seek it out for the brains dopamineric response. Better sounding music equal more reward. MUSIC is our high! I tried to be a little eccentric from a science perspective. Alan Parsons cynically said "Audiophiles don’t use their equipment to listen to music. Audiophiles use your music to listen to their equipment”. Let me hear your definition

Tone controls are an express train to happiness on a bad recording, see cello palate for a phd in “ tone “

+1 with Alan Parsons and MC
Everybody listens to music. Audiophiles have no special credentials there. It’s the gear that makes the difference and all this bs about "I’m not listening to equipment, I’m listening to music!" betrays the hidden truth in most one of us audiofreaks: Many of us seem ashamed to admit that while we may love the music, it’s the sweet tubes, tight bass, airy DAC or deep image that we listen for and spend to acquire. That means we’re evaluating "the recording" and "the gear!".
Audiophiles have just been addicted longer and can find words to describe why they had an emotional experience with that particular performance.Where Dude #1 says: "Wow, that blew me away! and that’s the end of his critique of an emotional drum solo. Dude #2 says: "Wow, that kickbass is so much tighter with my new preamp, it really has impact." He can explain as well as exclaim.
An audiophile is one who obsesses over every tiny little sonic and technical detail for untold hours, weeks, years, in order to hear for a minute every once in a while music that sweeps him away.

Totally agree MC.  

JV has some interesting thoughts on this in a recent Abs Sound.   The one thing in common among all the 'audiophiles' I know, is that none fit a basic definition of 'sane'.  I know I am at least 15 standard deviations away from normal on that curve.  OCD pure and simple!  Happy tinkering/listening guys.
Music lovers chase a moving target as their system and experience evolve.  Somewhere down the road they become audiophile.