What's your dream digital product ?

I'll start the ball rolling with this one,

A combination CD player and wireless network hard drive. Each time I played a new CD, I would have the option of saving to the network drive; title, track and performer would automatically be retrieved from the internet; and it would provide for nested grouping so I could then select an entire multi-movement piece for single or random play.

What's your fantasy device?
A digital product that can produce ALL the nuances of my analog rig. Provide the same imaging, depth, and emotion. Draw me into the music and leave me wanting for nothing. I'd snap it up in a heartbeat and be a very happy dude. So far it's been an elusive goal (at best) and quite honestly, very disappointing.
"A 35mm camera with all the benefits of SLR"

Easy. Just go to eBay. Lots of them there.

I'd like a great sounding CD player with a built-in tube output stage with a fantastic analog volume control.