What's your dream speaker?

If cost and availability is no problem, what's your dream speaker(s) and "why" do you want it?

I'll start.  My dream speaker is the Magico M3.  After auditioning the best speakers I could find through dealers and audio shows, the speaker sound that rather consistently connected with me emotionally were the YG and Magico.  The Magico M6/M9 are great for larger spaces, but the M3 is perfect for my use.

I haven't quite nailed down the speaker for my 2nd system yet which will be driven by flea watt amps.  Horns for bass are larger than my space can accommodate so must determine compromises I'm willing to settle for.
It would be something like an Ulfberht, only with a crossover like mine, Townshend F1 wiring, and a cabinet shaped like an Avalon of composites like a Wilson. Eric hasn't built it yet.
I heard MBL speakers at a show about 30 years ago and they were amazing and I am sure they sound even better today.

If I am going to dream I guess I will go big.