What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?

Used is ok. I have a Schröder arm that I can either sell or use with the table. Has to be on a wall shelf so no idlers (I already have one waiting for a bigger house!).


Probably the Well Tempered Versalex

Interesting because I have much love for the WT tables. I was using a Simplex on 2 occasions as temp tables while something was being repaired and I always was amazed a how I could probably live with one. 

I've been looking at an Artemis as a possibility but they are hard to find.

Depends on your wall shelf - how much weight it can carry.

Best lightweight option Rega P10 -complete package - under $7k - outstanding product.

If your shelf can take weight - Sota Saturn with vacuum and Eclipse $7k

Agree Kuzma R is very good but prices out at around $9k sans arm.


In that price point the clearaudio ovation is a great deck. I had the performance DC for a while and was thoroughly impressed. What I don't know is how good a fit the Schroeder arm is. If you can stretch a little you can get a brinkmann Bardo which is what I have now and have been absolutely own away by. The DD mechanism is an amazing design